Privacy Policy

At, we give special consideration to the privacy of our customers and attach the greatest importance to it. Our customers provide valuable information whenever they use our services and we strongly believe that this information needs to be protected at all costs. That is why we created a strong privacy policy to inform our customers about how the information that they provide is viewed and used. All our customers are expected to agree to the terms outlined within this privacy policy whenever they intend to use our services and we strongly advice that you take a few minutes to go through it before agreeing to its terms. Note that reserves the right to make any changes and/ or adjustments to this privacy policy without any notice if and when the need to do so arises.

What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

Before making any purchase or placing any order on our website, you will be asked for the following information:
Your contact information- this will include your full names, your phone number, your email address and your preferred shipping details.
Your financial information- payments at our website are made through credit cards and therefore customer credit card details will be collected
Your personal information- personal information such as your date of birth, gender, age and nationality may also be collected.

Why do we collect this information?

Also the information that is collected at is collected to be used strictly for business purposes only. Obviously we cannot accept or process order without this kind of information. In addition to helping us process the orders, we also collect this information in order to help us make improvements on the quality of the goods and services that we provide as well as to improve our own internal systems.

Protection of Customer Information

We believe that the information that our customers provide should be protected so that it cannot be lost, altered, misused or shared to third parties outside in order to do this we use the latest state of the art security measures which include Data ENCRYPTION USING A 128 bit SSL layer which transforms all customer information into encrypted code and protects it. The information is converted into code directly as the customer inputs it and we too do not store that information in its original form on any of our databases.

Sharing and Spamming

The information provided by our customers will not be shared to any third parties. We also strongly believe against spamming and will never send unsolicited emails to our customers using any of the contact information that they provide. We will only send emails to customers who complete our subscription forms so get in touch with us immediately if you get any unsolicited junk mails from us. Customers are free to unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time.

Customer Accounts

Every customer at is assigned a personal account over which they have total authority. By logging into their accounts, customers are free to review and edit the personal information contained therein.

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