Natural Alternative to Poor Sexual Health and How to Treat.

dt_141028_depressed_senior_erectile_dysfunction_800x600To many people, poor sexual health and aging do go together. Due to the sensitive nature of sexual health, that precise statistics are a little bit unclear but all these ones are unique:
50% of the male populations that are above 40 years old are affected by ED!
Going through the statistic, this could be on the high side until two other pieces of information were discovered:
Over 17 million web pages incorporate the word ‘Viagra’ according to Google listing. Comparing to 3.3 million web pages for the word ‘aspirin’ and 936,000 web pages for the word ‘Tylenol.’ When I carried out an overture search for ‘Viagra’ it was more than 310,000 searches. The amazing aspect is that ‘Viagra’ had more than 82,000 searches. ED had more than 97,000 searches. There are many people mainly men who are in search of information on Viagra and what exactly it can do for them.

When I visited my doctor for annual checkup, for the first time, the doctor asked me whether I have any erectile issues. I will not tell you my answer here but I asked him the reason for this question and why he wanted to know. His response had nothing to do with poor sexual health. Meanwhile, the reason why he asked me the question was because erectile dysfunction (ED) is known as a warning sign for diabetes and circulatory issues.

Evolution or Creation or Both!

Young Couple In Loving EmbraceIf you believe in the Bible that God is our creator or you have your believe in the theory of Darwin that we evolved with time, then you need to know that sexual health is highly significant to the two. There was a time when poor sexual health most especially erectile dysfunction was thought to be a spiritual and/or mental problem. A lot of research is slackening the poor sexual health and that it is truly a function of poor heart (cardiovascular) health.
Viagra development is a fascinating study that incorporates male chemistry, physiology and the nervous system which all work hand-in-hand to bring about erection. Besides, it also gives access to retardation of aging process. One access especially will assist you in getting a natural alternative to Viagra online; this natural alternative has no adverse effects.

A natural Alternative!

I am not disregarding the benefits that can be derived from Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in helping men with their ED (erectile dysfunction and poor sexual health. All these three have been able to change the poor situation of sexual health into good ones if and only if properly applied under the strict prescription of a well qualified doctor. But you need to understand that Viagra is used in treating the symptom more than the underlining issue.
99f3669a4cThe underlining issue for the poor sexual health is the inadequate production of the nitric oxide that helps to start and keep proper vasodilatation. The nitric oxide creation happens in the endothelial cells found in the lining of blood vessels. As soon as the endothelial cells are destroyed by the high blood pressure, cholesterol, high sugar levels and smoking decreases the production of nitric oxide. This is the major reason why my doctor asked me if I was having any erectile issues. Remember that, it is a warning sign for the other possible health conditions that could affect your fitness and wellness.

The major nutrient for nitric oxide creation is essential amino acid referred to as L-arginine. This L-arginine has a good and dark side effect based on how it gets into your body.
The natural alternative to change your poor sexual health into good one is to ensure that you deal with your cardiovascular system. Make sure that you maintain your normal blood sugar level, maintain normal blood pressure, keep your cholesterol under 200 and abstain from smoking. When you combine all these precaution with sufficient intake of L-arginine, you will discover that you do not need to waste money on any products that contain Viagra before you can get over your poor sexual health problems.

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